Saturday, May 28, 2011



I can’t do it.
My dreams will not let me fly
My wings are saturated with the rain
And my bones are too heavy
I can’t get off the ground
I can’t reach that hard bright sky
No wind stings my eyes and cheeks
I can’t get closer to the sun
I’m always slipping
Falling back down to the ground
The sky is a body and I am the rejected organ
And so I slam into the ground
Or maybe I don’t
(Because I couldn’t get off the ground in the first place)
And it is dirt and concrete
Not air beneath my feet
And these wings flap uselessly, and I think
Maybe some people are just not meant to fly.


Don’t be sorry
The sky is not the only place
I wade out into a sea of dreams
Until a shelf breaks beneath my feet
And I slip into a chasm of blue
But I breathe
When there is no ground
I can fall eternally
There is forever beneath me
And strange monsters lurk in the deep
And in the blackness I cannot see
(It’s terrifying)
But the shark is my brother
And the anglerfish will light my way
I am safe in the embrace of a sea monster
Sometimes I want to disappear
So I am salt in water
Raindrops merging with the waves
And I sink into the dark without control
Because I trust this, I do, and
Maybe some people are just meant to drown.


Maybe I'm one of them.


  1. Orrrr maybe you're meant to walk on the land,
    Feeling a little less special than before,
    But still alive, still breathing,
    Still free to try to fly again,
    Or go wading in the oceans.

  2. I'd prefer to think that way. c: