Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Week's Reblogs

I realized that I've accumulated a lot of reblog-worthy material this (all right, last) week, so rather than making tons of little posts they're all in one spot:

29 Ways to Stay Creative

flakycake keeps reblogging the awesomest lists.

Original post.

the creative badass manifesto (a work in progress)

Want to be more badass?

I needed to find this article.  And, if you ever experience a moment of self-doubt or crippling inhibition, so did you.  So here it is.

the creative badass manifesto (a work in progress)

From Tribal Writer.

The Future's Not Bright

A post about YA dystopia novels. Of interest to me, given Project Utopia's subject matter.

RUN It’s an opinion

Tracy J. Butler, the talented creater of Lackadaisy, reblogged a post about how film isn't at the apex of the media pyramid. Well worth a read.

Original post.

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