Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ID + Other Art News

Who am I?  For a surface understanding, the following things will suffice: math problems, books, drawing, Rammstein, fencing, flute, and the necklace I wear almost every day.  Everything but the flute was drawn in the sketchbook that I'm slowly starting to use more.  Ms paint is underrated.  Hooray for copypasta and resize functions!

In other news: my sister gave me some watercolor paper.  There's just something about paper that gives me that "create something!" itch.  My first implementation of this paper will be a series of pictures tied together by an orange balloon. A lot of my recent dA favorites have been of watercolor and I really wanted to try using that medium on something other than printer paper.

Some other things I'd like to draw include a black-purple tree against a sunset (this I got from a dream I had a long time ago). I also want to take another stab at interesting perspective and draw a picture combining the ProjU character Radu with falconry. Finally, I want to draw a map of the world that is my working setting for the "settingless" story.

And last of all, I've been thinking for a while that I want to redesign this blog. I like the colors, myself, but black-and-blue may not seem...welcoming. Eh, what do I know, no one reads my ramblings anyways. ;)

I want to start euphonium I wanna start euphonium when can I start euphonium blaaaaargh?????

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