Thursday, February 3, 2011

Revising ProjU, part VII

Since it's near the start of the month, it seems to be a good time for an update about my progress on ProjU (which reminds me - I need to back up my files). Since my last ProjU update, I've finished three scenes. It doesn't sound like much, especially because they weren't very long scenes, but I'm just happy that I'm able to fit in actual writing when I have schoolwork and various other things cluttering up my time.

Thank heavens I've sorted out the big timeline issues. I still have a few logistical things to iron out: the timeline is split into two basic groups, before-voyage and voyage. As things stand, there is a thirty-day gap between them, which I must rectify by having them meet in the middle. But that shouldn't be insanely difficult...though the presence of the Harvest Festival may cause me a few headaches.

The scene I'm working on right now is the first Bayerisch scene after their capture. My issue right now is one of personnel. With the method of kidnap, the original scene makes no sense. Thankfully, the unnamed people had barely any impact on the plot, so they won't be difficult to cull from the rest of the story.

So what have I learned? That talking scenes are easy to write but hard to read. That it's easy to exaggerate character traits. That arguments are hard to write believably. That quasi-anecdotes are way more fun that straight-up descriptions in introducing a character. That it's getting easier to ignore the urge to infodump, especially with regards to physical descriptions.

Also, that "Police Bells and Church Sirens," by Nephew, is my new "song I listen to for twenty minutes straight." Weird talking house video and all. What makes it doubly funny for me is that I have a character called Soren who would find it hilarious.

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