Monday, January 17, 2011

Revising ProjU, part VI + ProjU Art, part III

When I say revising, I mean straightening out some seriously annoying timeline issues. Yes, there were more of them. And now I realize that I need to move up the entire timeline by twenty-eight days, which is going to cause...issues. Unless I move the entire [spoiler] part back and have them meet in the middle...yeah, I think I'll do that...

Anyways: writing advice. If it's not going to interfere with your writing output, keep track of your timeline as you're writing. It'll save you a lot of effort. At least this gives me the perfect excuse to put off writing a Chinese school essay for another few days.

But today was rather productive anyways, as should be expected from a day off. I painted a picture of a storyless character today, but instead of showing that I'll have the last of the ProjU art:

Yeah. It's the steering device, which lets me not know anything about boats and still write a lot of scenes on the ocean. And yes, that was a spoiler, but since it's built right into the premise I don't feel guilty about giving it away.
Silviu Mesui. He's a skeptic, and he's not that important.Shira Nezumi. She got sent to NW with several other people. Really, she's not that important, but I wanted to draw her. In the "manga" I tried drawing in fourth grade, she was Rat's enemy. Now they never meet.

This is my "Crazy Genius Trinity" series. From top down, Conflagra, Jodet, and Sashok. In descending order of preference (picture), Jodet, Sashok, and Connie. I can't choose which of the three I like the most as characters, though, since they are after all crazy genii and thus excellent. Their craziness varies, though - for Connie, it's a flat-out god complex. Jodet is the least crazy - mostly, she's just hypocritical and arrogant behind a mask of niceness. Sashok likes control and causing/witnessing pain. None of them can deal with emotions. Sashok again. This picture is really recent, from yesterday. It actually is in the ProjU world, though his clothes are kind of ambiguous. Radu, one of seven elite members of the Ursa Major gang in Ulja (if there's an Ursa Major gang in real life, I'm not talking about you guys). He and Sashok are in a group for the main story arc, but Radu trusts Sashok about as far as you can throw a flat piece of paper. Not even that far, actually.
Terrence Chiyham and Saline last-name-pending. They start out as enemies but are grudging allies. Terrence, the one in front, is all about honor. Saline is insecure and has an abrasive exterior.
Saline again. His hair was really fun to color.

And that's the last of it.

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