Thursday, December 30, 2010

Revising ProjU, part IV + ProjU Art, part I

Art feature! Today I've only worked on scenes set in the country Massif Central (located in the Massif Central of France), so I'll feature art of characters from that country (and my lone sketch of a kid from the Alpine Kingdom).

These first pictures were drawn I think in November-December of 2009. The left side shows the character in the world of ProjU, and the right in a more advanced setting, the setting that I first had them in when I was a fourth grader trying to draw a manga series.
Bone Maron started out as the main character of that manga series and is based off the personality one of my friends gave to his toy cubone. Bone is hard-working, strong, and a natural leader, but this leads him to take a lot of responsibility for himself and blame himself when he can't protect his friends.
Her last name is actually just "Zucca" now. It's a joke because she's based off the a toy that my friend (same friend as above) had, which was a cat standing on a pumpkin. If you can see, in the picture on the right she has three ponytails. She's pretty and popular, but inside she's really quite weak.
To break for a moment from the series, this is her again. Yes, her original first name was Gattina, but I realized how silly that was and changed it. Now, back to the series.
I have a lot of art of this young lady pssh lady? HahahaNO, even though she's not really that important. Her name is now Ranna Sade, but she gets to keep the nickname of Rat because my friend from above had a toy rat. Really, she's an unpleasant person, but she has a lot of family/personality issues that she needs to work through.
This piece is from a long time ago. She's not actually this cute-looking...and as I said, she's not Japanese anymore. Or, well, she does have some Japanese blood, but why would she still have a Japanese name after 1,500 years of her family living in France?
This is what she actually looks like. But she wouldn't let a rat sit on her shoulders, she'd probably flip out and burn the poor thing. Hm, looking at this makes me want to draw more stuff with the 2B pencil I used to do this.Last but...all right, least. Wilson Smith is a nice guy, he likes plants, and there's not too much else to him. Really, there isn't. I guess his normalness could make him a foil for, say, Rat and Bone. Maybe even for Gina.
Nevermind, Wilson's not last. I almost forgot about Otis - "Oats," he prefers to be called. He's from the Alpine Kingdom, and a throat infection when he was very young has made him mute. He communicates with hand gestures. Also, he's very smart, but also naive - which makes sense, as he is only twenty-five seasons old (they measure their age in seasons).

Okay, back to writing now. I combined ch. 4 with part of ch. 5 so the new ch. 5 is more cohesive.

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