Friday, September 17, 2010

You Should Breathe Ink

This is a writing site that I joined recently. There are very few members currently, but anyone who is interested in writing should check it out. We are all very nice there, and just reading about other people's projects is quite inspiring.

EDIT: The site has now been shut down.  :(

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Irina Rybakova, after dying, finds herself in the Land of Flowers, an afterlife ruled by the King and Queen of Flowers. When a living girl, Iris Teichmann, digs up valuable "power stones," Irina and other spirits are sent back to Earth to retrieve them. But Irina has other plans for the power stones - revolutionary plans.

Irina Rybakova was 34 years old when she was killed.

As a child, she had been part of the Orthodox Church, trotting every Sunday through the snow to the onion-topped church to listen sleepily to the sermons. As an adult, though, the baptism water had evaporated and she followed no religion. So on the day she died, she had no clear idea of what she was expecting from heaven. Whatever it was, it certainly was not what she got.