Monday, March 22, 2010


Arabic: Just no. My handwriting has, however, garnered comparisons.

Chinese: I fail at it, even though it's my ethnicity. I really should start trying harder at it.

English: I speak/write it well. This should not be surprising. Work on chapter nineteen is progressing, even though the scene I'm writing right now is from the POV of an annoying, whiny girl. I'll probably switch after another few paragraphs to the POV of someone else in her group.

French: Bon jour. Adieu. That's the extent of my knowledge.

German: ich empfehle es. It's rather interesting: I'm trying to teach myself by using my mom's old German textbook and listening to Rammstein. Dude. "Alter Mann" and "Rosenrot" are so~ cool.

Italian: Essay finished. For some reason, I really like learning Italian grammar.

Japanese: Ningen wa tabemono desu ka?

Russian: I know three words of it.

Spanish: Yo non hablo espanol. (Just pretend there's a ~ over the n.)

Ich voglio shuo many languages simultaneously.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chapter Eighteen

...of the "crazy story." It is done. At 13,268 words, my longest chapter yet. I think for the next chapter I'll move away from the [spoilerspoilerspoiler] people, and focus instead on the [differentspoilers].

I started this story maybe two years ago, in sixth grade. The end is not quite in sight, but it is coming. A whole slew of issues will face me with revising, but it will be fun. Hopefully. I think it will: refining my own writing is quite an enjoyable experience. I'm not even thinking about publishing at this point. Well, that's a lie. I am thinking about that...but I know how much more stuff I have to do before I get there.

And then I have two more books "planned" for this group of people in this setting, and then tons and tons of more ideas. There's a fairytale-esque story (it's planned to be ~50,000 words) about Dorothea Ross, a girl with lots of troubles already and more coming her way; a story with humans bonded to dragons that I've done a lot of barely-scratching-the-surface worldbuilding for, which will be an epic (whether it turns out to be epic is another matter); maybe something involving a medieval society divided by the card suits; giant worms; secret societies, betrayal, and swordfighting; a boy sent to a reform school because of the bigotry of his classmates finds friendship and peril; mice going to culinary college; and a girl who just cannot leave well enough alone and awakens the peril of a group of iris spirits, the leader of whom was totally not based on me.

But my crazy story comes first. Sorry, other ideas.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free Books and Italian Essays

Today, I found that the free books box at my school library has been refilled. Thus, logically, I raided it, picking up several books, only one of which I've read before - Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. Of course, because I have miscellaneous events/projects going on at school (a math "textbook" covering two chapters, a language arts project about The Pearl, and a few tests), it will be a while before I get to all the lovely old books I've picked up. Such a shame.

That brings me to my next topic: writing an essay in Italian, for a contest going on in my state. Because I've been studying Italian for less than two years, my grasp of the language is nowhere near expert, and it's enlightening to have to write from such narrow confines.

My "insane story" from the last post is progressing well. Some of my favorite characters are having stuff to write.